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Usui Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing treatment and technique on the whole body. It developed in Japan and the word Reiki means "guided universal energy". I use this technique in order to transfer this universal energy through my hands to the patient aiming to induce relaxation, reduces stress, promote healing and overall wellbeing.


It's a natural and safe method. At the treatment, you are expected to lie down on your back and relax. During the session, you might feel tingling, warmth, or a kind of energy from my hands. I work through the body to release emotional and energetic blockages and help you to relax and feel harmony within. 

Kundalini Reiki Healing

Kundalini Reiki is again a healing treatment and a technique where I use the kundalini energy. The energy will continue to work on after the session for about an hour. I become a channel to enable the healing energy to the patients aiming to cleanse, clear and strengthen the energy channels. During the session, you either sit down comfortably or lie down on your back and relax. 

I offer face to face sessions but due to the lockdown, I can only offer distance healing sessions. 

With Kundalini Reiki Healing you can choose to have: cleansing the energy field, situation/qualities healing (e.g. jealousy, anxiety, anger, grief etc.), karmic bands healing, location reiki, past life reiki, chakra balancing. ​

Healing Circles and Ceremonies

A healing circle, often referred to as a therapeutic or support circle, is a gathering of individuals who come together to share their experiences, emotions, and support in a safe and respectful environment. The concept draws from various cultural and therapeutic traditions.


This can be accomplished through personalised one-on-one sessions, providing the participant with gentle support in releasing emotional barriers, dissolving negative energy, letting go of past experiences, and fostering a sense of connection to the heart center for personal upliftment. 


For further information and details on pricing, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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