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Past Events
25th March 2023, Saturday - Rejoice, Rejuvenate, Relax

Welcoming the Spring with a 3-hour special workshop

Workshop Flyer A6 Webbage.png

A session of conscious movement, dance, yoga, meditation and deep muscle relaxation at Vitality Rooms in Chippenham.


This half day workshop has planned to focus on changing the learned patterns that no longer serve us and setting a new energy balance to elevate the self with Kundalini Yoga. 


And deeply relaxing the body (especially the muscles) to let go of the tension, to cut through the chatty mind and affirm a trust in the wisdom of the body to self- heal.

16th October 2022 - Om Yoga Show
Sat Dharam Kaur.png

Experience "Tap into Your True Self" - a brief session held at the Om Yoga Show.


Through a gentle yoga sequence, we centered our focus on elevating the kundalini energy to cleanse and soothe the mind. Guided meditation followed, allowing us to explore our true identity and the paths we've forged.


On a physical level this session worked on the flexibility of the spine, improving poor digestion and channeling over-abundant creative energy.

6th November 2021- Healing Workshop

Another Healing Workshop once again an amazing Saturday afternoon. Three teachers shared three sessions.

  • Chakra Dancing

  • Kundalini Yoga 

  • Gong Bath meditation

Like minded people come together in a safe space to share, heal, release and relax.

11th September 2021- Healing Workshop

11th of September was all about coming together, sharing, nourishing, releasing, and connecting to our souls and to our true selves.


The workshop has started with Anita Nakra's Chakra Dancing, she took us on a journey to the frequency of our chakras and from a place of uncertainty to a place of euphoria.


And I've focused on tapping into the internal energy and releasing fear, anxiety, and anger with Kundalini Yoga, so we could live from our angelic nature.


Manjit Kaur Sohal has completed our workshop by playing her beautiful gong for rejuvenation, relaxation, and greater stillness.

September 2019 Ayurveda § Aromatherapy Camp

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy Training Camp at Adatepe, Turkey with the Bluezone Turkey team. 4 days of trainings with day and evening yoga classes and mindfulness. 

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